Terina Bunney-Shaw - Founder of ROOTWORKS

Terina Bunney-Shaw is the founder of ROOTWORKS Cambridge. Terina specialises in scalp micropigmentation for all types of hair loss.

After graduating from university in Birmingham with a view to teach, and then going on to dedicate the last 8 years to childcare, I decided that I wanted a career change.

When figuring out what my passion in life was, I came to the conclusion that these so called ‘passions’ do not always translate easily into jobs. So, rather than trying to figure out what mine was, I decided to look at something valuable, something that could really make a difference and helps others in the process.

I carried out extensive market research and I listened to real people and their stories of how hair loss is affecting them, not just physically but emotionally too. For some it impacts hugely on their day to day living.

Just listening to people and their struggles due to hair loss made me more determined than ever to learn this new skill.

From this, and off the back of my market research, I selected a few people for SMP free of charge as my case studies. Seeing their reaction, even after the first session, was when I knew I had made the right career choice.

Nothing is more satisfying for me than seeing someone’s face light up when they first glance at their new hairline, or the text messages I receive telling me how it has changed their life or they feel 10 years younger.

I look at them and think to myself, ‘I did that. I’ve given them that feeling’, you cannot put a price on these reactions.

This is where my passion developed. It is the result of contributing to something positive and meaningful. I firmly believe that is what real passion is.

And that is when and how ROOTWORKS was launched!

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