An overview of what you can expect when you arrive for your Scalp Micropigmentation sessions at ROOTWORKS Cambridge

Session one

Mini Consultation and before photos

When you arrive for your first scalp micropigmentation session, I will summarise what we discussed at consultation and answer any questions you may have regarding the procedure before we proceed.

Although we may have discussed this already during your consultation, it is always a good idea to go over your expectations.

You will then complete a health questionnaire together with the necessary consent forms. It’s vital you take the time to read the small print carefully and disclose all health information honestly and accurately.

I will then take some before photos of your head from all angles; front, side, birdseye and back. This is an important part so you can see the journey and transition of your new hairline taking shape.


I will take time to design the most natural hairline similar to what you had before you lost your hair. We will spend a good amount of time on this. I can give you my thoughts, you can give me yours and together we can create a hairline that’s perfect for you. We are all unique and there are many different hairline styles available to you. Not all will suit your face shape but this is something we can work out together. Examples of different hairlines include boxed, peaked, natural, receded, and rounded.

As well as marking out the hairline design I’ll also mark out areas that do not require pigment and where I will start to blend into your existing hair. This will ensure a nice seamless blend where you will not see a beginning or end to my work.

your session will be made as comfortable as possible. You will be seated in a fully reclining chair and can enjoy music, audio-books or podcasts while I work. Some clients even fall asleep!

Ink dilution

The choice of pigments is very much dependent on the type of skin complexion you have. If you have a dark complexion than the pigment concentration will be different than from a lighter complexion individual.

Pigments play a very important role in the entire scalp micropigmentation process so it’s vital we get this matched as close as possible to your own follicles.

Let’s go!

If you’ve been anxious about how much your treatment will hurt, you should start to feel relief after the initial 30 seconds. You may have areas that feel more tender than others but the pain is tolerable and as you relax into your session you will notice it less and less.

I will test the skin at this stage to analyse how the pigments retain on the scalp. I may alter the dilution choice if need be.

This first session allows me to apply a evenly spaced foundation layer. This can take up to 4 hours to complete. This is a layering process so the following sessions I will close in the gaps creating more and more density each time until eventually I achieve a seamless result perfectly blended into your existing hair.

It will give you a 3D appearance which is achieved through slightly altering the pigment shades at each session.

When your session is complete, I will discuss with you what has been done, and anything I have noted during your session. By this point I will have a good idea of what we will put in place for your second session.

Second session

The second session will get off the ground much quicker in comparison to your first since there will be no paperwork or extra things to check off before you get in the chair.

Firstly, I will do an examination to assess the progress of your scalp from the previous treatment. Slight fading of the pigment is common, and it can fade up to 50% from your first application once it’s settled. Direct sunlight can also lighten the pigment which is why it is so important to keep your head out of direct sun between visits.

The second session is dedicated to filling in the foundation from last time. This is where I lay down the most density, going in between the pigments of the first session. I may well darken the shade, in order to achieve a 3D appearance.

If any adjustments are desired, for example, wanting a slightly lower hairline or a more emphasised widows peak then this is the time to ask.

By the end of session 2 you will really start to see your new hairline come alive!

This is what you can expect your hairline to look like at the end of session two:

Perfect the look

I advise leaving a longer gap between the last two sessions, usually between 3-5 weeks. This allows your skin to completely heal and the pigmentation to settle on your scalp. The final session will be similar to the first two, but again with more attention to detail.

Small Adjustments will be made to perfect the look and then Voila! You can leave with your head held high and your hairline restored!

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